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Debris that gets underneath the keys can also make the keyboard less responsive.

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This can result in errors while typing business documents or writing emails to your customers. If your keyboard isn't excessively dirty, Apple recommends a surface cleaning with a damp cloth.

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If the keys look grimy or feel sticky, remove them to clean them thoroughly with soap and water. Disconnect the keyboard from the iMac. If you have a wireless keyboard, power it off and remove the batteries.

How To Effectively Clean MacBook Sticky Keyboard Keys

Some keyboards have a battery compartment on the back. Other models have a compartment near the top of the keyboard. Use a coin to pry open the compartment cover and take out the batteries.

Dampen a lint-free cloth with clean, lukewarm water. Don't spray any type of chemical cleaner on the cloth, as doing so may damage the keyboard. Clean the gaps between the keys with cotton swabs; moisten the swabs with water, if necessary, to eliminate sticky debris or hard-to-remove stains.

How to FIX Sticking Keys on a PC Desktop Keyboard

Take several pictures of the keyboard. The pictures will help you remember where to put the keys after you finish cleaning them. Slide the tip of your finger beneath a key and gently pull up to remove it from the keyboard. Do not pull with excessive force; doing so may break the clip under the key. Check the radio button labeled On in the Sticky Keys section Figure 1. Figure 2. Sticky Keys Marquee.

How To Fix Sticky Keyboard Keys on a MacBook

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Staff Login. There are four points that connect the key cap and switch: two clips on the top and two hooks on the bottom. When removing the key cap from the keyboard, it is very important that you only lift from the top, where the clips are. The hooks should only be disconnected after the clips have.

If you get this wrong, you can break the hooks on the bottom of the key cap or the pins on the bottom of the switch. The switch is held in by four little pins on the inner rim and you can easily remove it with a fingernail or your key cap removal tool.

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